The Weekend Trip Editions: County Dublin Adventures

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

In the second installment of the weekend diaries, I will discuss the weekend I spent exploring County Dublin. Dublin is the capital of Ireland (even though Cork disagrees) and is home to the Irish federal government (known as the Dáil, or more formally, Dáil Éireann) as well as the esteemed Trinity College (where Holy Cross also partners for study abroad!) I visited one of my friends studying at Trinity for the year and explored Dublin!

Howth Cliff Walk, Howth, Co. Dublin

First, this trip occurred in mid-November, the beginning of all Christmas decorations in Ireland. It was so beautiful and special to visit during the Christmas season! For some sightseeing, Temple Bar is well known for its Christmas display. So, amongst the crowds, we popped in for a quick look before hopping right out. We also saw all the lights on at night, which was stunning.

Christmas at Temple Bar, Dublin

The main event of the weekend was a day trip to Howth. Located in County Dublin and a 20-minute train ride from Dublin, Howth is a fishing town known for its seafood and shops. The other main claim to fame is the Howth Cliff Walk, a series of trails along the coastline. It was quite a sight and a great way to spend the weekend.

Christmas Lights on Grafton St, Dublin

Overall, the trip to Dublin was a massive success. Dublin has lots to see and do all around the city. However, this writer’s heart belongs to Cork and shall always reign superior.

Flower and Bean Cafe, Dublin

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